Jacqueline Kennedy

The movie

The movie Jackie , starring Natalie Portman,is a raw personal account of a woman on the brink of collapse after the assassination of her husband in 1963

While watching, it is impossible not to think about the couple'scourtship and marriage

They met at a dinner in Georgetown and hit it off.

Their wedding was the social event of the season-more than 800 guests

Jackie's wedding gown

 It wasn't the style she wanted. Jackie wanted something sleeke                                                                                   The dress  consisted of 50 yards of ivory silk and was designed by Ann lowe.

Pipe burst at Ann Lowe's New York studio 

Days before the wedding drama struck.Ann Lowe's studio was flooded,

the wedding gown and ten  bridesmaid dresses were covered in water.

All eleven dresses were recreated, Lowe and her team working

nonstop the week before the wedding.

The reception

Jackie's mother's property Hammersmith Farm held the reception for 1200 guests

the event ended with a spectacular sendoff.. The newlyweds were showered with rose petals and rice

they then jetted off to Acapulco, Mecico for their honeymoon






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