IRIS APFEL More is More and Less is a Bore

 Iris Apfel, fashion icon, interior designer and businesswoman was born 1921 in New York,studied art at New York University,

She started work at Womens Wear Daily and later for interior designer Elinor Johnson .

Iris launched Old World Weavers with her husband Carl in  1950 and travelled the world with him buying textiles, antiques, furniture and jewellery for her high society clients

In 2016 Iris announced a collaboration with startup tech company Wise Wear on an upcoming line of Smart Jewellery

A marvellous film about Iris came out in 2015. I loved it so.much I saw it twice.





"Fashion you can buy but style you possess. The secret to style is learning who you are and this can take years

There is no short cut no road map  to style. It's about self expression and above all attitude.

The secret to style comes in three word   ATTITUDE   ATTITUDE   ATTITUDE"                                                   

"Colour can raise the dead. My favourite shade of lipstick  VERY VERY BRIGHT  BRIGHT BRIGHT  RED"















                                                                                                                    "  You must be interested.

                                                                                                                      If you are not interested

                                                                                                                      You are not interesting."







"Jewellery takes

peoples's eyes

off your wrinkles"







   "When the fun goes out of getting dressed

    you may as well be dead"



  "When we were small children we all played

   dressup and everyone had a good time.

   So  why stop."


   "Downtown they think they're stylish.

    But they all wear black

    That's not style ,that's a uniform"



Iris at home in her New York appartment.


"I am not a minimalist as I'm 

 sure you've noticed"









 Iris at home


 "If you see something you like

    buy it"


 "More is more

    and less is a bore"






Iris Apfel is now 95 years old and is still a fashion icon. She still lives in New York and is very active.

The love of her life, her husband of 67 years, Carl, died  recently.




Young Iris                                Middle aged Iris                                      Iris and Carl


"I'm not pretty and I'll never be pretty. When you're somebody like me, in order to get around and be 

attractive, you have to develop something, you have to learn something and have to do something

so you become a bit more interesting. When you get older you get by on that"

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