Silk originated in China about 5,000 years ago Legend has it that a Chinese Empress Xi Ling-Shi discovered silk and invented the silk loom in the 28th century BC. In 139BC the world’s longest trade route  was opened. It stretched from eastern China to the Mediterranean.

By 300 AD the secret of silk production had reached India and Japan.Carla silk  pajamas

Silk  manufacture became populat in Italy during the 13th century and in other parts of Europe in the 18th century. These days silk manufacture has virtually disappeared  in Europe.

China remains far and away the largest producer. Italy remains the largest silk importer,mainly from China. Other major importers are America, Germany and France.

India is the largest importer of raw silk from China despite being the second largest silk  producer.

Louise sources her silk from China and manufactures her silk nightwear in India where she has her dedicated  group of stitching ladies and  hand embroiderers.

What is silk

Silk is the softest, lightest and strongest of all natural fibres. Silk is stronger than steel! Sixteen layers of silk can stop a bullet! Louise forbids you to try this.

Silk fibres are so supple they can stretch up to 20% of their length without breaking and still spring back to hold their shape. This is why silk garments keep their shape even after years of use.

Laundering of silk nightwear                                                                                     Alexandra silk nightgown

Louise recommends hand washing your silk nightgown or pajamas in soft soap powders, ,rinsing several times in clear water. Please do not wring them out to remove excess water.Just hang them on a coathanger in your bathroom . By morning they will be dry and in most cases you will not have to iron.

Many of Louise’s clients have told her that they throw their silk into the washing machine. Good Luck!

However machine wash is fine if you use a bag.

How to iron your silk nightwear

Louise asks you please  to iron your silk nightgown on the wrong side while it is still damp. Use a cool iron. Extremely high temperatures can scorch silk.

However most of her clients don’t iron silk. They just drip dry.Our silk is good quality and does not wrinkle very much.

How to remove stains from your silk nightwear                                                         

1.Ink stains.   Try to deal with an ink stain as soon as possible.

 Lay your silk garment on a flat surface. Blot  the stained area with a cloth to remove excess ink. Louise says that you must not rub . Rubbing makes the ink spread.

 Fill a spray bottle with cold water and spray the stain.Blot it with a clean cloth.

 Repeat this spray and blot  until you can remove no more ink.                                       Chantelle silk nightgown

If some stain remains spray hairspray on it.and let it sit for 2 minutes., then blot and spray some more. Courage!

2 Lipstick stains.   Lipstick is good for your lips because it is formulated to be longlasting.

Try these steps to remove it from your precious silk nightwear.

First test on an inconspicuous part of your garment.

Apply transparent tape or masking tape  on the lipstick stain.

Smooth it down and then rip the tape off. Most of the lipstick should come off. You can repeat this step several times

If the stain persists, dab it with talcum powder.. the remnants of the lipstick should be absorbed by the powder.

3 Oil.    Oil stains can come from makeup, lotions and food such as salad dressings.

Talcum powder is recommended. Let the powder sit for at least 20 minutes. Take a small brush such as a toothbrush and gently brush the powder away.

We wish  you pleasure  with your silk nightwear. Silk is marvellous for the skin, in fact many women sleep on silk pillowcases.

Best wishes,

Louise Mitchell

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