Louise Mitchell was born and brought up in Sydney Australia  She studied at Sydney University, earned a Masters degree in Psychology.and a scholarship to the Max Planck Institut fur Psychiatrie in Munich Germany. She did research in Munich for a year and then a girlfriend rang  her from London and said come over. In London she fell into modelling and had a lot of fun.

Her real love was beautiful things and somehow she fell into that too.

INSPIRATION                                                                              Louise mitchell store in Sydney                                                 Inspiration for her collections came from the memory of her grandmother's bedroom drawers.They were filled with white embroidered cotton nightdresses and ivory silk gowns,camies and knickers.Her grandmother loved  lingerie. She revelled in beauty and glamour. Her name was Lola and she opened up a world of feminine mystique for Louise when she was young.

Louise was not permitted to open Lola's drawers but as she has a vivid memory of their contents we can assume she was not always obedient Nor was Lola. She had been whisked to Europe for a year to make her forget an unsuitable suitor.Of course she married him, Ernest the Unsuitable  Like grandmother, like granddaughterShowing in Paris


In the beginning  Louise designed in her Sydney studio and local ladies stitched and hand embroidered. Soon the business grew and there were not enough embroidering ladies in.Sydney.Off Louise went to India where the softest cotton grows.It really is the softest..She found wonderful people,artisans with superb embroidery skills and commitment to high quality.It took several years to assemble her loyal group of people and they are still with her.Most are women who work from home.They can fulfill  their family duties and Louise's work while safe in their houses.Louise visits them to bring new styles and embroidery designs and enjoys cups of tea and delicious biscuits, Many of the women have tiny babies with them and this  makes her visits happy anfd fun.


In 2006, Louise and her mainstay Meg, packed their bags for France. They took her collection and Meg's hand made linen coathangers in their luggage and showed at the International Salon de la Lingerie in  Paris,


Louise's collections have now been sold in luxury department stores and boutiques worldwide.

                  Harrods  LONDON,    Galeries Lafayette  PARIS,  

                        Daimaru   and  Takashimaya   TOKYO  

             Anichini  Linea  Casa  NEW YORK     Ludwig Beck  MUNICH      

            David  Jones  Australia   Smith and Caughey  NEW  ZEALAND   

  and boutiques in the US,Europe Middle East,Australia and New Zealand



Louise Mitchell's  boutique in Double Bay Sydney, has her full collection of cotton and silk nightwear as well as French shirts, slippers and homeware that Louise finds on her trips to Paris each year.

Louise still designs every piece of nightwear and still goes regularly to India to work with the much loved and respected people who make her collections possible.

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