Louise Mitchell and her staff never mind answering any question you may have no matter how silly you may think them to be.

  Email Louise                              [email protected]

or ring her store in Sydney    + 61 2  93631855.

Over the years Louise has received many questions about her nightwear.Here are just a few that she has received in the last year.

Q                                                                                                                             Silk nightgown Chantelle

Dear Louise    I"ve worn your beautiful nighties for years........usually buy them in lots of six, so haven't bought any for ages......are they still the same size??? I like short sleeves only    .Warm Regards  Carole D  AUSTRALIA\


Dear  Carole    Thank you for your email. Sorry for the late reply. I have been showing the collection in Paris. Both of the gowns you selected are A$159.00 each.. They come in three sizes. I look forward to hearing from you     Best wishes  Louise


Dear Louise     Just wondered if the  silk nighties I phoned about  had arrived.  Regards Jean   


Hi  Jean      The silk nightgowns have come in  .Which style were you interested in    Best wishes  Louise

Dear Louise   The nightgpwns arrived yesterday and are great. Thank you   Regards  Jean  C  AUSTRALIA

Q                                                                                                                         Carla silk pajamas

Dear Louise   I am hoping you can help me.. I have one of your beautiful silk dressing gowns in cream silk with a padded shawl collar  and cuffs with embroidered small roses..Disarster struck a week ago with a serious fire in our house which badly burnt the gown.Would you beable to give me an estimate of the price of the gown for insurance purposes? And would it be possible to purchase a similar one when the money comes through? Sue  C     LONDON


Dear Louise   Thank you so much for your help. Hope to replace  the dressing gown with something lovely one day. In the meantime  we have recovered two of your lovely embroidered cotton nightgowns from the drawers in our burnt house. They have had the smoke stains removed  and they are back in service. Best wishes          Sue  C  LONDON


Dear Louise  I have had some of your beautiful silk nightgowns for a few years  .I am European  I love to wear it  in the morning having breakfast and while doing my hair and makeup.        Alicia de  Leeuw     AUSTRALIA

Q                                                                                                                                 Silk nightgown sophie

Dear Louise     I visited your store in Double Bay a couple of week ago during  a trip from the US for a wedding in Sydney,I just adore the two nightgowns I bought.and would like two more. What would it cost to just stick two in a mailing box and send them to me in San Fransisco?          Louise R  USA


Dear Louise    Lovely to hear from you. We can supply two nightgowns. Email the size which is in the side seam on the wash label.Do you want 3/4 sleeves or cap?  Best wishes  Louise

Dear Louise      I was so excited to come home  from work this week and find my nightgowns.They are  so beautiful. My favourite as you would imagine is the one with pink roses. The other one is lovely as well.  Louise, I hope to return next year to buy more wonderful things and to thank you in person for your time, effort and patience. Until then         Louise R  SAN FRANSISCO


Dear Louise       Can you please suggest where to find  best coverage of your nightgown range in Melbourne. I am facing  a spell in hospital and .need cheering up.  Regards        Trish F  MELBOURNE  AUSTRALIA 


Hi Louise      Did you go to Paris this year?  i was unable to go this year but would like  to order  some more nightwear. Is there anything new?  Kind regards  Sandra D   United  Kingdom


Q                                                                                                                  Silk nightgown Alexandra

Dear Madam      Please can you send me some new modeles from your complete collection that  you have made  for the summer Magda  GENEVA  SWITZERLAND


Hello Louise     As you know I treasure  my old nightgowns  from your firm very recommend you to people in Denmark.I do hope you will send me the small white gown withhighly.So I long sleeves  size 1 that  you suggested. yours Marianne      DENMARK


Dear Mrs Louise Mitchell      I got one of your fantastic nightgowns  from Australia  a few years ago. Ever since it has been a must in my calm summer nights.I was wondering whether you ship your items to Slovenia/EU ? Keep up the good work  Izza T      SLOVENIA


Dear Louise  A year or two ago my wife Esther bought  a cotton nightgown from you and had it shipped to Canada  My question is

1. Would you happen to have her prior order on file?                                                                                                         

2. If so
would you beable to ship this same order again to meThanks for your consideration  Harold  S  CANADA


Hello Harrold     No we don:t have her order on file. We can certainly ship to you in time for Xmas. Best Wishes  Louise

Q                                                                                                                      Silk nightgown Pandora

 Hi Louise     I would like to order 3 items in size large Please let me know the fee including shipment to Israel?      Sincerely Aviva       ISRAEL


Hi Aviva         I am sending you 2 large style 12 .I won:t send you  the cashmere short jacket because I am worried  that it won:t  be big enough.  The cashmere sizings are smaller than the cotton sizings   If you still want it let me know . I advise against it. Best wishes  Louise

Dear Louise     I appreciate your advice concerning the jacket. Please send the 2 nightgowns  Thank you very much for being so patient   Aviva

Dear Louise      I received the nightgowns yesterday. They are beautiful and fit perfectly.Thank you for the great service and the personal note in your handwritin, which makes all the difference . Best Regards     Aviva  W  ISRAEL

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