Louise  always says she fell into designing  and just naturally drew on what she saw at home when she was growing up. Her grandmother's bedroom drawers were full of beautiful lingerie. Cotton and silk nightwear which she purchased in Paris.

  When faced with the necessity to make design decisions Louise drew on what she remembered.

One cold winter weekend in Sydney, Louise was bedridden with a cold and spent the time painting some of her favourite nightwear designs.

Here are some of them.


Louise's painting of cotton nightgown Lola         Louise's painting of silk nightgown Michelle                Louise's painting of cotton nightgown bouquet of flowers       Louise's painting of silk nightgown Sophie





   Louise's painting of cotton nightgown Flowers












                         Louise's painting of cotton bedjacket






















                         Louise's painting of cotton nightgown ribbons of flowers

                      Louise's painting of Caroline cotton dressing gown









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