Louise's drawings are done in haste and serve a very practical purpose. 

Some are sent over to her people in India to help in the stitching and embroidering of her collections and others are sent to overseas stores who want detailed drawings of gowns they ordered.

EMBROIDERIES                                                                             Louise's drawing of silk nightgown scarlett

Louise often designs her embroideries freehand on a sample gown when she is in India.Her design is then transferred onto transparent paper and then to a small machine which outlines the design in pin holes.

The transparent paper is then placed onto the sample gown. Special ink is wiped over the paper  and the design is transferred through the pinholes  onto the gown.The entire process is done by hand. Louise then takes the gown to the home of her favourite sample embroidery lady,Gita, and they sit together and work out the embroidery colours and techniques.When the sample is completed it is given to the production people.


The embroidery design is transferred by hand onto each individual gown during production.Very time consuming.The gowns with the same embroidery design are bundled together and taken to Louise's group of embroidery ladies who specialise in that particular embroidery technique. Hand embroidery takes a long time. Two to three days per gown when it is well done.


When the embroidery is completed the gowns are returned for washing.They are dried in the fresh air..Then they are taken in for checking and finishing.Loose threads are cut,seams and reinforced splits checked and embroideries inspected.

Gowns are then ironed, packed and sent by air to Sydney.

Louise's drawing of cotton nightgown Stephanis

                  Louise's drawing of cotton nightgown elizabeth    

















Louise's drawing of cotton nightgown Rose Trellis


                            Louise's drawing of silk nightgown Monica 

















Louise's drawing of cotton kimono dobe

    Louise's drawing of cotton pajamas

Louise's drawing of cotton nightgown Lola


                     Louise's drawing of cotton dressing gown Stephanie






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